First Impressions: Bianca

Welcome to the cleanest city in Spain and the only region never to be conquered by the moors. After a few weeks  in Europe, exploring Spain I arrived in Oviedo late in the day to a completely overcast sky and much colder temperatures than I was used to. Less than ideal weather never makes for the best first impression of a place, but my opinion has gone up in the last two weeks. Although the process of getting to this point has been less than smooth, it is definitely worth it! Oveido does not have it’s own airport, however the region Asturias does, with bus transfers from the airport to Oviedo. due to my travels I took the train from Madrid to Oviedo which only took four hours and gave me the opportunity to make a new friend. Oveido is well connected to other cities through the bus station, train lines and the airport, although this is the most expensive option.


The first thing I had do upon my arrival here was to go to the International office so they could register me in the system. So on my first morning here I reached out to my buddy (assigned to me through the voluntary a-duo program here at the university) to see if he could help me out with finding everything. It wasn’t until we had been waiting in the international office for half an hour that we were told that I needed an appointment to be seen. Luckily they had a computer where we could quickly make an appointment for me that same morning.

The University of Oviedo has 7 campuses spread throughout Oviedo and the neighbouring city Gijon. Each campus is home to different faculties, I have become very familiar with the Cristo Campus as that is where my faculties are located. The university also has many successful alumni including past and present ministers in the Spanish Government.

A day trip to Gijon is super easy with the bus

Unfortunately I missed the international student orientation session last week as I had compulsory classes on a different campus 40 minutes away. This followed my experience with Spain and Spanish systems up to this point, I have often found myself asking for information that would otherwise be automatically supplied and the organisation of events is not always as smooth of logical as I am used to. However this university has a huge community of Erasmus students from all over Europe so I have been able to meet many people through taking part in some of those events.


The best experience from this first week would have to be the festivities that accompanied Dia de San Mateo, basically a week long, city wide party with free concerts every night! While I didn’t know any of the groups playing it was an awesome opportunity to see the night life and to get to know some more Spanish music. The highlight of this festival was the 30 minute firework show at midnight on the 20th of September to officially welcome the day of San Mateo.

Hopefully over the next four months I will be able to break down the language barrier but I’m sure it will be heaps of fun either way!

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