Olivier: Food, Glorious Food

A Dutch food day timeline:

7am: Breakfast is chocolate sprinkles on bread – a classic Dutch sweet treat. The Dutch love sugar, can’t get enough of the stuff.


10am: Morning tea – time for stroopwafels, the great Dutch treat which is famous worldwide. Best type is not the supermarket ones, but the ones that are made fresh and warm. Much less sweet but just amazing.


12pm: Lunch. Time for some typical salty food – Frites! Basically these are chips, but they are always served with Dutch mayonnaise, never with tomato sauce. The Dutch are particularly proud of this mayonnaise, not my favourite – but boy you cannot tell them that! Alternatively, you can have curry sauce on the chips, which I do prefer.


3pm: Time to have some poffertjies for afternoon tea, more sweet food! Not exactly the healthiest food, Dutch food, but this is certainly a favourite! Basically they are fluffy little pikelets coated in icing sugar – mmm. I feel my blood vessels just clogging up thinking about them.


6pm: Dinner is a quick snack at FEBO – and I mean a quick snack. FEBO is a crazy form of fast food where instead of ordering burgers or frikandels (a type of sausage), the servers make the food in advance and put it in a little box where you can pick it up. Hot food within 30 seconds! Quality may not be high, but boy does it taste good.

























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