University of Auckland students have the opportunity to study at six partner universities in Australia: Australian National University, University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland (incl Nursing) and the University of Sydney. 

Let’s hear what our students have to say…

  • Melbourne was such an amazing city to live in. It definitely lived up to and exceeded my expectations. (Emily Wood, Monash University)
  • My time at the University of Melbourne was a lesson in budgeting and restraint, and a daunting undertaking for a small town kid. The excitement and opportunity of the bright lights and big city soon dealt to this, and the exchange was an overwhelmingly positive experience which I would recommend to anyone. (Andrew Bester, University of Melbourne)
  • Throughout the semester I have gradually become friends with many people of differing backgrounds who provide different and interesting opinions all throughout various topics. Moreover, I got to expose and immerse myself to a new people, cultures, political background, and develop my independence. (Scarlett Li, University of Sydney)
  • Being thrown in the deep end at a new university pushed for personal growth and independence away from the comforts of home. Whilst challenging to start with, this is something I would never take back. (Karen Goedeke, University of Sydney)
  • You learn to look after yourself, make new friends and re-establish yourself in a new city, which helps to make you a stronger and more independent individual. (Morgan Archer, University of Sydney)

On Culture


  • Although there is not as great a cultural difference between Australia and New Zealand as with other countries I still found it very exciting to explore the many rooftops and alley ways in a vibrant new city. I loved being able to hop on the tram to get to one of the many delicious cafes as well as seeing the ever changing street art all over the city. (Emily Wood, Monash University)
  • Melbourne is a diverse city with a rich culture. The city is has a strong emphasis on the arts, such as performing arts, literature, visual arts, and culinary arts. In the city you will find many street performers and street art. Hosier Lane is popular for its street art and it is a great tourist attraction. (Joshua Wang, University of Melbourne)
  • Melbourne was very well placed for travel within Australia. Trips to Bali and the Barrier Reef were popular, and road trips around Victoria were amazing. For any future travellers, I would highly recommend the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians National Park. (Andrew Bester, University of Melbourne)
  • Living in Melbourne is happier for people who like fashion , movie,and shopping because there is the largest shopping center in the southern hemisphere called “Chadstone” and Melbourne International Film Festival.Rich and colorful painting is one of the artistic features across the whole city. (Lijia Rong, Monash University)
  • Australia like New Zealand, is a country also famous for its multiculturalism, with diverse cultures and ethnicities living together. By living there for five month with other international exchange students, I have not only learnt more about culture diversity but also knowing how to respect and celebrate it. This has allowed me to experience the opportunity of meeting new people with different cultural backgrounds in every class but also feeling accepted by others. (Scarlett Li, University of Sydney)
  • I felt drawn to Melbourne due to the rich cultural and architectural heritage, and therefore the centrally located Caulfield campus of Monash University was an appropriate fit. Living in Melbourne was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it was so hard to leave that I extended my stay over Christmas up until the start of semester 1 this year. (Nicholas Johnston, Monash University)
  • Locals say that the heart of Melbourne lies in the labyrinth of side-streets, graffitied alleys, tram trips and ethnic districts of the melting-pot which all hint to the artful atmosphere of European cities. Nevertheless, Melbourne retains an undeniably Australian pride that underlies this mixed culture. (Rufus Cuthbert, Monash University)
  • Sydney’s festive atmosphere meant the city always had something going for it. Music festivals, the vivid light festival, winter wonderland and weekly fireworks meant getting out was always a new adventure. (Karen Goedeke, University of Sydney)

On Orientation


  • The program for their inbound exchange students was set up very well. They planned plenty of activities in the city and weekend trips which meant I was able to get to know some really amazing people for all over the world. (Emily Wood, Monash University)
  • The amount of activities that were planned for all the international students was astounding – everything from bowling and trampolining to city sightseeing and even the chance to sign up for several trips around Australia that included bungee-jumping, skydiving, tramping in the Australian bush, white-water rafting and much more. After this surge of events and experiences in the opening week I suddenly found myself with a bunch of new friends from all over the world, not to mention a lot of good stories. Aside from the activities, orientation also smoothed the transition into study at the internationally recognised university. (Rufus Cuthbert, Monash University)
  • I would highly recommend a college experience as the antics never end, starting off with a bang in O week with their annual orientation of all the new college residents. (Morgan Archer, University of Sydney)

On Housing


  • I lived in the residential college called International House (IH) which brings together approximately 350 graduate and undergraduate students from Australia and everywhere else around the world. During O-week, the freshers (myself included) went around Melbourne city to do many team building activities to bond with those in IH while getting to know the city better. (Joshua Wang, university of Melbourne)
  • The campus was only a short train ride from my accomodation and there were many great facilities for studying as well as having some down time. (Emily Wood, Monash University)
  • I chose to sort out my own accommodation as I wished to stay in the city as opposed to out on campus and this was also a very easy transition, through Facebook groups I had sorted a flat to move into before I even arrived in the city. (Nicholas Johnston, Monash University)

On Academics


  • The courses I took were super interesting and unique to Monash as the lecturers were all very personally invested in their subjects. I did find the work load quite intense and had to really manage my time well but I learnt so much while I was there that it was definitely worth it. (Emily Wood, Monash University)
  • The professors in UoM were very professional and helpful. I found the courses I did over there very practical. (Joshua Wang, University of Melbourne)
  • Despite a different (and brutal) marking schedule, the course at Melbourne was largely the same as Auckland. Class sizes were smaller, and more courses were offered, but the half marathon between one end of campus and the other cast Auckland in a very favourable light. As in Auckland, the academic and support staff were very capable and helpful, which certainly helped. (Andrew Bester, University of Melbourne)
  • The classes tend to be much smaller and more interactive. Lecturers emphasise greatly on class participation and class presentations. (Scarlett Li, University of Sydney)
  • The school experience of Monash University was a little different than I was used to and adjusting to a different education style was definitely a bit of a challenge at first. Whilst I had anticipated a change, the transition was a little bumpy but in hindsight I am appreciative of the diversity this experience has added to my studies.(Nicholas Johnston, Monash University)

On Travel

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  • I was fortunate enough to have the to opportunity to visit the Great Barrier Reef as part of one of my courses and then Byron Bay in my semester break. I traveled around Victoria in a way I never would have otherwise, including trips to the Grampians National Park, Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road, all of which I would highly recommend. (Emily Wood, Monash University)
  • Highlights of the exchange were getting to travel around beautiful Victoria, to beaches, the bush, and music festivals – spending long hot summer days sitting in parks with friends or swimming in water holes near the city. (Nicholas Johnston, Monash University)
  • Fortunately, there were many chances to escape from study and take a few trips around Melbourne itself and Australia: sunbathing on the golden beaches of Cairns, diving at the Great Barrier Reef, hiring a car to drive along the Great Ocean Road and Sydney sightseeing. These travels were definitely the highlight of my time abroad. My advice to any students thinking about going on an exchange would be yes, do it, do it now. The opportunity to get a new sense of university life in a different city, explore another country and meet lifelong friends from around the world (who have couches around the world) should not be passed up. (Rufus Cuthbert, Monash University)
  • The highlight of my exchange was travelling around Melbourne and meeting new people from Australia and also other parts of the world. Also, I enjoyed Melbourne city very much as it had a great night life. (Joshua Wang, University of Melbourne)



  • The opportunity to get a new sense of university life in a different city, explore another country and meet lifelong friends from around the world (who have couches around the world) should not be passed up. (Rufus Cuthbert, Monash University)
  • You won’t regret what you do, you’ll regret what you won’t do. (Karen Goedeke, University of Sydney)
  • I would certainly recommend it anyone who was considering an exchange. The opportunity to get to know another corner of the world should not be missed, even if it is only a short plane ride away. (Emily Wood, Monash University)
  • The exchange programme is really well organised and I would thoroughly recommend getting involved to any student looking for a change of scenery whilst keeping their studies going. Would love to do it all again! (Nicholas Johnston, Monash University)
  • I would highly recommend everyone and anyone applying for an exchange as it is definitely an experience you will learn from and remember for years after you finish studying. (Morgan Archer, University of Sydney)

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