Food, glorious food: Emily

Sweden is filled with a diverse variety of food. It is most famous for it’s meatballs and surströmming, however, being a vegetarian has meant that I have sought out some other options that Sweden has to offer. It’s a paradise for vegos – every café and every supermarket provides a vast scope of vegetarian alternatives which has made living and eating here beyond easy! One in ten Swedes are vegan or vegetarian meaning they have delicious replacements for all animal products, you can always catch me eating ‘chicken’ nuggets and falafel on the daily!

Food I have cooked at home in Lund

The Swedes value personal freedom and choice very highly, which is why every social event or eatery takes into account everyone’s preferences for food, something I hope NZ catches on to soon! ‘Fika’ is a Swedish tradition and basically means ‘to have coffee’, which is often accompanied by a small sweet treat like a pastry or a slice. Having a fika with friends is a chance to sit down and have a small catch up before continuing through the rest of the day, and many Swedes will enjoy more than one fika a day. I love this idea as it gives you a chance to pause and have a short break to enjoy a coffee and cake with others.

Food I have found in Sweden

My favourite part of experiencing food here has been discovering their Swedish fast food burger restaurant – Max. They have about 5 different vegetarian burger options (one of which is a vegan pulled pork BBQ burger – my favourite!) that taste better than any substandard McDonalds burger. It reminds me a bit of Burger Fuel at home in the sense that it is still fast food but of slightly better quality. They cost about $8 New Zealand Dollars each as well which is cheaper than Burger Fuel but more expensive than McD’s to give you an idea. All of the uni students are obsessed with Max and it’s always our first stop on the way home after a night out! Sweden is crazy for tacos and there is always an aisle in every supermarket dedicated to taco related ingredients alone. On the subject of tacos, Lund has this great little taco shop that barely fits more than 6 people in it at once but serves up the freshest, tastiest little tacos around. Again, they have vegan and vegetarian options of course so no one has to miss out! Sweden has been a vegetarian paradise for me as I have been able to try so many new things that I would normally have to miss out on back home in New Zealand. I am already saddened with the thought of going home in a few months and having to say goodbye to all this glorious food Sweden has to offer… I will have to hit up Uber Eats to see if they can deliver me some Max burgers back to NZ! Sweden has stolen my heart and my stomach, and it will definitely do the same to yours too if you ever visit!


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