Money, Money, Money!

Going on exchange should be about having new experiences, travelling, finding your inner world explorer…but to do this, you need money. It’s what makes the world go ’round, unfortunately.

Luckily, here at Auckland Abroad, we’re here to help. We give away over $300,000 in scholarships and awards every year to our exchange students! Money shouldn’t hold you back from going on exchange – so let’s get to the point, and let you know what you’ve been waiting to hear…

1. Exchange Award

This is our main scholarship for students going on exchange, awarded to many of our students – we provide 100-120 awards per annum! Just a word of warning – this award is not available for students going to Canada, the USA, or London. If you’re going anywhere else, you may be eligible!

  • $2,500 to students going to Europe
  • $1,800 to students going to Asia/Latin America
  • $800 to students going to Australia.

There’s no need to complete a separate application for this award – you can be considered as a part of your exchange application. If applications exceed availability, scholarships will be awarded based on GPA.

2. Maori and Pacific Award

Eligible students may be able to receive $6,000 from this generous award to assist with their Auckland Abroad Exchange!

  • Eligibility will be for Maori and Pacific students and assessed by GPA if applications exceed availability.

Students will need to apply separately for this award.

3. Equity Award

Eligible students may also be able to receive $6,000 from this generous award to assist with their Auckland Abroad Exchange!

  • This award is limited to domestic students, who have one of the following criterion – the same as the Academic Potential Scholarship:
    • Have proven financial need (eligibility to StudyLink allowance).
    • Attended a lower-decile school.
    • From a refugee background.
    • Have a disability.
    • GPA will be assessed.

Students will need to apply separately for this award.

4. Prime Minister’s Scholarships

The New Zealand government is happy to fund exchanges in Latin America and Asia with the Prime Minister’s Scholarships. These scholarships are competitive and have limited availability – but there are resources available to help you with the application process.

These scholarships are extremely generous and you can read more about them here.

5. Study Abroad Scholarships (Languages & Literature)

The Faculty of Arts offers funding for students going on exchange who study certain languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish). This is to enable students to immerse themselves in a country that speaks the language that they are studying.

It’s worth up to $2,000 and you can read more about it here.

6. Studylink

When you go on exchange, if you are eligible, you can take the full range of Studylink loans and allowances with you! And we’ll help you fill out the application. Oh, and you pay your normal fees to Auckland – don’t worry about pesky overseas fees for your exchange!

Basically, we’re here to help.

Check out these important links to learn more about exchange:

Also, feel free to come in during our Auckland Abroad office hours and have a chat about how you can add the world to your degree. We’re open from 2-4pm on Monday-Friday, and are located on the 4th floor of the Kate Edger Student Commons, next to iSpace!

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