Accommodation Awards: Emily

This week our Ambassadors got involved in the bi-annual Auckland Abroad Accommodation Awards, awarding their digs with the most appropriate badge of honour, such as most friendly dorm, most affordable and most cramped but cosy dorm!
Let’s see what Emily has awarded her accommodation in what we consider to be the Oscars of university housing…

Klostergården Student House

*Drum roll please*

I would like to formally award Klostergården Student House with the awards for ‘Fantastic Location’, ‘Best Amenities’, and ‘Most Affordable Housing’.

Allow me to explain this in better detail..

Klostergården Student House is located in the Klostergården area of Lund, Sweden. Surrounding the accommodation is 2 supermarkets, a church, a library, and restaurants (including a pizzeria) all within one minute’s walk from the front door. It is also a 5-minute bike to the town center. However, it is a little far from the University itself and the other uni accommodations. I only have one class a week because most of my work is done online or through group work done outside of lectures, so I don’t find myself having to go into campus very often. When I do have classes, it’s only a 15-minute bike ride or a 25-minute bus ride.

My entrance to Klostergården Student House

Klostergården Student House instantly impressed me with a high standard of living when I first arrived. I am sharing a twin room with my roommate and we have a bed each, a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, desks to study on, and our own bathroom. Everything you need is provided for you, including kitchen utensils, lamps, chairs etc. It is a luxury to not have to share a kitchen and bathroom with a whole floor of students (like we both had to do in O’Rorke), as we can control the mess. Having said this, being in a self-contained unit can mean that Klostergården is not the most sociable accommodation option, as there is no shared space to hang out with others. Nevertheless, I have made many friends here who I visit daily – we often cook dinners together or have movie nights.

Kitchen area
Dining Area
Our Room




Klostergården Student House is still definitely a party place! There are no RAs and it is filled with lots of young people who are all international exchange students, so we often have corridor parties before heading to one of the 12 student nations for a rowdy night out! These corridor parties have been a great way to meet neighbours and friends from all over as everyone crams into the ground floor corridors and our rooms to party. These can go until 4 or 5am in the morning! The rooms are surprisingly sound-proof, so when you’ve had enough it’s easy to shut your door and head to bed. We also have a Facebook group chat where we organize events that everyone can attend, just the other week we went out for a Klostergården dinner and basically filled out the restaurant! The location and amenities (plus fantastic friends) make it easy to settle in here.

Our Corridor
My roomate Nat at our window
View from our room

The final award for ‘Most Affordable Housing’ is given to Klostergården Student House because I believe it is a bargain for what you get. I paid my accommodation fee upfront, a total of about $1,800 NZ dollars. This fee includes power, water, wi-fi, a fully furnished flat and free laundry services. Broken down over the 23 week stay, that’s only $78.26 NZ dollars a week! You would never find such a high standard of living (with all the extra bills included) for this cheap in Auckland. Not to mention the great location means we don’t spend a fortune on busses either as we can easily bike anywhere we need to. Overall, I LOVE living at Klostergården Student House and there’s no where else I’d rather be! ♥

I made a video of my first week in Lund, which includes a snapshot of our accommodation. You can check it out here:


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