8 Reasons to Go on an Auckland Abroad Exchange

1. The weather!


We don’t get snow in Auckland, so maybe you want to spend a semester in a winter wonderland. Or maybe you want to spend the whole semester in swimming togs – we have exchange options for all!

2. You’ll make lifelong friends


We know it sounds cliché, but you really will make friends for life when you go on exchange. Being thrown into a brand new culture with a bunch of like-minded people seems to do that!

3. You can study off campus


Maybe you’re a politics student and you want to be studying in the heart of American politics and government in Washington D.C., or you’re a commerce student and want to be in a global business centre like London. You’ll not only enjoy exciting classes on campus, but you can explore your academic passions off campus.

4. You could be eligible for scholarships!


We know money is probably on your mind. Not to worry – Auckland Abroad has a generous budget for scholarships! You might be eligible for funding to go on your exchange. Not to mention the fact you’ll pay Auckland fees while you’re on exchange, and you could be eligible for the full range of Studylink loans and allowances.

5. The food!


If there were ever a reason to move across the world, food is it. Maybe you want to have pasta and pizza in Italy, poutine in Canada, or authentic sushi in Japan – you can do it on exchange! Find your inner foodie and go abroad.

6. You can take unique courses overseas and still finish your degree on time


When you go on exchange, the courses you take can be transferred back to your Auckland degree. If you plan it right, you could earn credits for your degree while studying overseas! And you can get an exemption for a gen ed, allowing you more flexibility within your degree. What’s not to like?

7. You’ll grow as a person


Yes, we know this also sounds cliché, but it’s true. Living overseas for a semester or a year will change you as a person. You’ll gain new experiences and grow personally, academically, and professionally. And it’s also true that going off to another country to further your academics looks pretty dang good on a CV!

8. And yes, the travel

When you’re on exchange, you’re going to want to make use of your weekends and holidays, and travel. Being closer than a 12 hour flight to some of the world’s most exciting places will be welcomed by both you and your wallet. Maybe you’re after a weekend in Paris or Berlin, or a day trip to Tokyo – the world is your oyster!

If we’ve convinced you to consider going abroad…

Come see us at Auckland Abroad during our office hours. You can get advice on available exchange programmes, how and when to apply, and more. Also, if we haven’t convinced you, come anyway. Because we will!

  • We’re located in the Kate Edger Student Commons on the 4th floor next to iSpace.
  • Office hours are from Monday to Friday, 2pm-4pm.

Also, check out our website for more information:

And, in an act of shameless self-promotion, follow us on social media:


By Michael Calderwood

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