What I’m Packing: Olivier

I left Auckland for 7 months on Sunday afternoon – off to the USA en route to Amsterdam! Fitting 7 months into a suitcase is a difficult exercise, but I ended up having a suitcase weighing less than 18 kgs due to taking only the following essentials (in my mind anyway!)


  • Warm clothes – including but not limited to the beanie, the scarf, the woollen socks, the thermal top and the puffer jacket. Don’t worry too much about the fact that the puffer jacket looks uncool overseas – it’s super warm and it’s better to buy nice stuff when you arrive overseas!
  • Electronic essentials including the laptop, the headphones and the kindle. I seriously can’t stress how awesome a kindle is – I just downloaded 7 books on it for around $30 in total and that should last me for the whole trip.
  • Sports shoes – great way to keep fit and meet locals.
  • Swiss Army Knife – excellent for travelling, doubles as cutlery and often helps me out of a jam. Just remember to put it in your suitcase, not your carry on or else there could be interesting results.
  • Tie – always handy to have just in case you need it for a formal occasion.
  • Loved items – my wolf Chasseuse was given to me by my girlfriend and she travels with me everywhere I go – look out for her later in my blog! (alternatively look out for her in my blog about travelling through the USA – olivieroverseas.wordpress.com)



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