What I’m Packing: Emily

Going from a sizzling Kiwi summer to a chilly Swedish winter means a lot of preparation for this huge transition and start of a new chapter. I’m eagerly counting down the days and am extremely excited to touch down in Lund on the 5th of January.

Below is a wee list of the most vital items that I can’t leave New Zealand without:

  • Warm clothes for the below zero, frosty temperatures of Sweden
  • Canon camera and GoPro to take and share photos and videos with (many of which will be added to this blog – so keep an eye out!)
  • Bondi fake tan (no chance of getting a real tan in Sweden!)
  • Whittakers chocolate
  • Meds (stocking up before I leave as medicine doesn’t come cheap in Sweden)
  • Polariods and pictures to decorate the walls of my new home
  • My New Zealand and Dutch passports for travelling
  • Pawpaw ointment to soothe dry skin
  • Alarm clock (definitely don’t want to miss my first class)
  • Wall plug converters
  • Swedish currency
  • A map of Lund so I can find my way around (when I don’t have wifi for Google Maps)
  • Another empty bag (to fill with shopping of course!)


Looking forwards to sharing my experience with you all,


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