Welcome to the 360 International Blog!

The 360 International Blog is undergoing some maintenance! Thank you for your patience while we rearrange some things, and of course feel free to take a look around in the meantime!

Let us introduce ourselves:

We at 360 International are the facilitators of student mobility at the University of Auckland. This means that if you’re a student here at UoA and are interested in studying overseas, you come to us! We can assist you with study abroad programs and exchanges to our many international partner universities.

What’s the blog for?

On this blog you will find information on the countries and univiersities that we send to, and more importantly, posts by our 360 International Ambassadors about their experiences overseas.

We hope that this blog will become a resource for students planning their outbound experience, students currently abroad, and people who are interested in what our students are doing.

So go on… have a read!

Further Information

To find out how you, as a University of Auckland student, can apply to go on exchange visit our website: 360 International

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