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  • Tim : Lockdown, Lockdown and more Lockdown
    Hi The last month has been anti-climatic, to say the least. Before the exchange, I had grand expectations of travelling to a different city every week, tramping the great world-renowned parks, and even experiencing the… More
  • Sasa : It wasn’t meant to be an online exchange
    I think my last blog post was definitely too optimistic, no we did not get to go back to university but on the plus side, I still can’t say going on exchange was a bad… More
    I’ma paint it, paint it, paint it, how I want…..2014 Forest Hills Drive on repeat during this lockdown. What can you do during a strict Melbourne lockdown? Well, not much, feeling déjà vu daily. One… More
  • Elen: Exeter Sustainability Summer Programme
    In July, I had the opportunity to attend the two week Summer Sustainability Programme, hosted online by the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter. The first week of the… More
  • Deklin: AFS NZ Global Competence Certificate
    Upon beginning my course journey, I had little idea of what it meant to be a “global citizen” and what this would encompass. It seems like a monumental task, especially when we are already trying… More