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  • Bronson: Campus B Indigenous Rights & History in Brazil
    I had the pleasure of taking part in the ‘Indigenous Rights and History in Brazil’ virtual programme over the mid-semester break. Unfortunately thanks to the coronavirus we weren’t able to physically travel to Brazil, which… More
  • Anastasia: First weeks in Melbourne
    Hey everyone! At the time of writing, I have now been in Melbourne for three weeks. However, I have to say, it feels like a lot less than that. I came over two weeks before… More
  • Ahona: CIS Social Media
    I was thrilled when I discovered that I had been selected to participate in the CIS Behind, Beneath and Beyond Social Media virtual program! I’m incredibly grateful to the 360 International Team for funding me… More
  • Shivali: CIS Social Media
    Social media is a central part of all of our lives. Collectively, we spend hours on social media without understanding the extent of information we provide and the extent of information provided to us. This… More
  • Lauren: UBC Copyediting and Proofreading
    This 6 week remote learning course provided a huge range of information, tips and techniques for how to become a better editor. The class was taught live over Zoom, and this was a great experience… More